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Hi Everyone,
Finally Some GOOD News! Just found out that Representative David McSweeney filed a resolution, HR0934, in the House that OPPOSES SB2696, This is a resolution WE WANT TO BE A PROPONENT FOR! It would be nice if everyone would contact Representative McSweeney's Office and thank him for his support! We will keep you informed on this resolution also. Click Here for Bill Status. - Wayne Blake Chairman Fox Waterway Agency

Hi Everyone,
First of all, Thank You All, for your continued support and continuing to fill out those Witness Slips. THEY ARE REALLY IMPORTANT! I really believe that Senators Link and Morrison did not expect so much resistance to their bill. But by now I think they see that they have a pretty big tiger by the tail. We Are Not Giving Up!!! I can't see why they keep pursuing this terrible bill. TALK ABOUT WASTING TAX PAYERS DOLLARS, these two Senators just don't get it! From what I've been told he keeps postponing the bill because he has no support. Looks like Senators Link and Morrison should take their blinders off so they can see that their Bill, SB2696, is bad for the State of Illinois! Until they give up, WE CAN'T GIVE UP. Keep passing the word and keep filling out those Witness Slips. The Bill is back on the Agriculture Committee Hearing for 3/25/14 at 1:00 PM, Room 212 in the Capital. (WE ARE AN OPPONENTS TO THE BILL!) Remember We Have More To Loose Than They Do!!! - Thanks Again, Wayne Blake Chairman Fox Waterway Agency

Hi Everyone,
I was hoping SB2696 would be over, but I guess nothing is that easy. Senator Link has again reposted a hearing date of 3/19/14, at 1:00 pm, Room 212 in the Capital Building. So save the date and come down with us to pack the hearing room. Strength in numbers is always a good thing! But right now we have to, once again, fill out those witness slips. It really will help the committee see that this bill is really bad, not only for the people that live in our area but for all of Illinois. WE DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE CONTROL OF OUR FUTURE! So it is very important that we again get this message out to everyone we know. Get them or help them fill out a witness slip and do it properly. REMEMBER TO CLICK ON OPPOSED AND CHECK IT BEFORE YOU CLICK ON CREATE SLIP! Click on the link and go to create witness slip for SB2696 REMEMBER WE HAVE MORE TO LOOSE THAN HE DOES!!!
Thank You Again, Wayne Blake Chairman Fox Waterway Agency

January 18, 2014 - Current Conditions
Inflows to the Chain of Lakes are estimated to be near 350 cfs as the stream gages at Fox River near New Munster, Wisconsin and Nippersink Creek near Spring Grove appear to be effected by ice. The Chain of Lake stage is 2.5 feet at Fox Lake which is winter pool elevation. Winter pool lowers the Chain of Lakes 18” below summer pool levels and creates 10,000 acre-feet of storage for snow melt and spring precipitation. Outflows from Stratton Dam are 350 cfs with a tailwater stage of 1.6 feet. Flows at Algonquin Dam are 520 cfs. Flows on the Fox River are at normal levels for winter. At Stratton Dam, 20” of snow was measured this morning with a now water equivalent of 2.9”.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting above freezing day time temperatures Fox River watershed today thru Thursday. The snow will begin melting on hard surfaces and will consolidate on vegetated surfaces. Without additional rainfall, inflows into the Chain of Lakes could rise to 1300 cfs by this weekend. If forecasted precipitation falls as rain on Thursday February 20, inflows to the Chain of Lakes could rise to 3000 cfs. The amount of snow melt is dependent on average air temperatures and rainfall which makes flow estimates very uncertain.

We will continue to monitor rainfall and river levels and will increase outflows to match inflows as possible. We will orivude status updates as the situation changes

Illinois Fox River Chain O'Lakes is the busiest inland recreational waterway per acre in the entire United States.  Only an hour's drive from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Rockford, and with over 7,100 acres of water, 15 lakes and 45 miles of river.  This "Key West of the Midwest" accommodates every water-borne activity including boating, swimming, tubing, waterskiing, hunting and fishing, and appeals to everyone from families and couples, to the more adventurous weekender.  Chicagoland's playground for over 100 years also boasts some of the best restaurants and marinas, two State Parks and other entertainment venues and events unique only to the Fox River Chain O'Lakes.

The Fox Waterway Agency

is a regional body of government created by the State of Illinois in 1984 to specifically manage the waterways of the Chain O’Lakes and the Illinois Fox River.  Since it is a multi-jurisdictional Federal and State public waterway, we are funded entirely by boating fees, grants, and legislative funding.  Those funds support the FWA’s main mission of dredging and maintaining public safety through our buoy and debris program to address the needs of our 3.5 million visitors per year.  Recently, we have begun a program to recycle lake and river sediment by selling it as topsoil, with a goal to self-fund the multitude of eroding shoreline and environmental restoration projects awaiting work. 

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